Welcome to the PeaceMatrix™, the world’s most revolutionary global conflict-mapping, peace-building, security analysis, and conflict resolution system.

The PeaceMatrix™ is a modeling system that guides creation of a geometric diagram of every scenario and viewpoint of any conflict, and serves as a drawing board to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate on in a solution-oriented manner. The PeaceMatrix™ is a map of outstanding questions in a living, growing puzzle combining psychology, philosophy, history, domestic and international law, geometry, human nature, neurochemistry, and metaphysics. It extracts and hyper-organizes all our best ideas, so when we solve the puzzle, the underlying conflict is solved. We use one puzzle, to solve another puzzle. No more war.  

An introduction to the system by it’s inventor, developer, and architect, Author Daniel Ben Abraham:

  1. PeaceMatrix™ Middle East Peace between Israel and the Arabs Active


A more in-depth explanation of how the PeaceMatrix™ J-Chain synchronizes moral perspectives: