Is the PeaceMatrix™ part of the intellectual dark web?

If your definition of “intellectual dark web” is independent people who are objective thinkers, seekers of knowledge and genuine understanding through reason and analysis, and see truth as a fundamental value, then yes.  I am not currently affiliated with any member of the intellectual dark web.

A separate question is whether you can have both the search for truth and diplomacy together.  That is one question the PeaceMatrix™ may ultimately present.  Is politics like sausage, that it is best kept unseen from the people, who are best let to live their own lives?  I don’t know, but I wonder if our current system is imperfect, and I wonder if people can be objective and search for truth.  I wonder if people can work through their frustrations, learn to see all sides, not be reliant on politicians, and whether a culture of objective diplomacy can grow in this world towards peace.

That may be one of the ultimate questions for the PeaceMatrix™ system as it develops.

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