A message from the first Architect

Peace.  Shalom.  Salām.  Śānti.  Мир.  Paix. 平和…


I, the Mechanic, for the human soul, for love and peace for all mankind, for all time, hereby invent, create, test and utilize my invention for a more peaceful world, as the first ever Architect of the first ever PeaceMatrix™.

I am a poet and I have always dreamt of a better world.  I have also always had many ideas.  In the process of making my own unique mistakes being human, I stumbled upon this gift.  I would love to take credit, but maybe it came from upstairs.

I kept asking better questions.  Why cant humanity communicate better?  What if the whole planet worked constructively work toward solutions?  Why cant we understand an entire dispute from a single diagram that presents all viewpoints?  I finally asked, “why solve one world problem, when we can solve them all?” 

Perhaps this is the new frontier for mankind:  not space or underwater or energy or computing power.  If we want to go far as a planet, if we want to to get there in one piece, we must strive to work better amongst ourselves.  This is the test of potentially the most revolutionary global peace building system ever invented.  Hi mom.

The dream is a system that helps solve many of the world’s biggest and most complex problems, improves humanity, and brings people in touch each others’ humanity.   The dream is a place people can go to engage others with whom they agree and disagree, to communicate, to share, to listen, to learn, and not just grow, but grow together.  It’s the proverbial two guys who argue in a deli every day for 30 years, until one day they realize they love each other like brothers.

It is my dream to make diplomacy “cool.”  To make seeing all sides “cool.”  To making finding outside the box solutions to global problems “cool.”  Do you think a nerd like me can pull it off?

I chose the nickname, “The Mechanic” ironically, because this endeavor is the utmost creative, but I’ve turned mechanical into a virtue.  We have to decide we want peace and be logical.   We have to minimize and control emotions that hinder peace, such as anger and hate, which are usually products of fear.

Understanding is the solution.

I like to believe I can fix things, though I won’t always succeed.  Still, I wonder if you’ll help me.  I could certainly use it.  Who I am does not matter.  It is my ideas that matter, because my ideas help bring everyone else’s ideas together, here.    What are important are the ideas, the system, its analysis, and whether it helps bring peoples closer to understanding and peace.  In the next months, and years, and maybe centuries, I hope this system becomes something truly special for humanity, and I ask for everyone’s help.   I have a million questions.

I welcome you to join me on this adventure, this dream.

– The Mechanic