Metaphysics, finally!


Metaphysics, finally!

(An excerpt of Volume I)

The PeaceMatrix™ is designed to keep the right questions in the forefronts of our minds, so the backs of our minds, our subconscious, our collective unconscious even, can also go to work on answering them. Times. Seven. Billion. 


If you haven’t noticed by now, my writing is challenging due partly to my repetition and dyslexia. My dyslexia is largely something I call conceptual dyslexia, mixing concepts more so than letters in the word. Instead of going logically from A to B to C to D to E, often I naturally come up with creative ideas randomly, D, F, C, or even straight backwards E, D, C, B, A. I believe this is how it appears when ideas and material come from the creative ether, the nebulous infinite intelligence referred to by author Napoleon Hill from where creativity comes, are brought to our reality through the subconscious mind. I’ll sometimes find myself at an end point, Z, arrived at on a spark of creativity, look around, and try to figure out how I got there. Does it have any rational connection to my starting point? If yes, I work backwards to show others how they may get there from A, B, and C… 


The PeaceMatrix™ was likewise developed backwards. First it started with a feeling – a feeling and connection with the energy that world peace was not only possible, not only real, but already here. I woke up one morning from a beautiful dream and simply felt the most beautiful feeling of world peace as complete and total reality. It felt 100% real. I bathed in the warm, glowing feeling of world unity and harmony. It was so thick I could almost touch it. I felt everyone loved everyone. I felt everyone love the Jewish people. And I felt world peace. 


Then, later came the concept to match the feeling. Then, the fundamental components of the concept fell into place. And finally, I developed the system, and its rules, processes, and structure. Now, I’m filling in the gaps. Last will be the details of the system, and the technology and building and implementing, developing, and improving it.


Maybe we should consider developing more global solutions backwards.


If I stop and think of all the elements of this PeaceMatrix™ system that magically fell into place, I say it is 100% from God, or whatever cosmic phenomenon you believe in from where infinite wisdom comes. It’s really difficult to tell whether I am creating this, or channeling it. It just flows, the pieces magically fall into place, it feels right, and it’s kinda fun, so I continue, even though logically it may sound crazy. 


Based on Einstein’s statement that imagination is more powerful than knowledge, the PeaceMatrix™ seeks to connect to infinite intelligence, and channel wisdom in ways that go beyond logic. 


There’s a lot of metaphysics in our pop culture today. We typically call it “the law of attraction.” Every guru says that gratitude is a metaphysical magnet that attracts good things to you. Maybe it is so because you notice opportunities per your reticular activation system, the part of your mind that controls what you focus on. Or maybe, there is some more elusive metaphysical property affecting subatomic particles and “random” events which aren’t really random. Which of these may depend on whom you ask. But everybody believes in it. Whether it’s setting goals or a vision board, it’s ultimately about an energy, and that energy is gratitude. 


Incidentally, the Hebrew word for Jew is Yehuda. That word is directly connected to the Hebrew word Hodaya, meaning, you guessed it, “gratitude” or “thankfulness”. For example, Genesis 29:35 “I will thank God and call my son Judah” (Judah is English for Yehuda). 


The Jews are literally the “people of gratitude” in their name and essence. And maybe that’s how we have survived. We walked through the desert for forty years, and then one day someone stepped in manure and got stung by a bee, and then he jumped for joy and exclaimed, “hurray, we’ve found the land of milk and honey!”


We all should know that if we think in positive terms, we get positive results, and if we think in negative terms, we get negative results. But is this just because we see opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t? Are we opening up to some greater creative or productive consciousness? Or are we actually affecting the flow of apparently “random” events’ and subatomic molecules’ attraction? Or even deeper question: Is the distinction between these two possibilities merely man-made to begin with? If E=mc², and the human mind can channel energy, can the human mind alter the flow of subatomic particles, and thereby, change the course of events?


I might define genius as someone whose conscious and subconscious mind work better together on a particular task, taking the task out of merely the conscious mind. The master, who may be a genius in a sense, is perhaps so because they have done the task so many times, that it is fused with their subconscious, and the subconscious helps accomplish it. That is a person’s gift – what they do the best at with the least amount of effort. It’s the place where a person is most closely connected with God. And the Bible says, your gift will make room for you. Proverbs 18:16. Maybe that’s where work and play are one.


I see the link between creativity and God as something very continuous. Judaism has the same concept, believing the spark of creativity comes from the crown, or Keter, from the higher power of infiniteness, and is received by man and then translated into understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. 


When you’re creative, you go from things we all see as logically connected off on tangents toward things that only you see which other people don’t see, but which are real and true. By producing a creative product, you find and present these truths, which some believe come from the subconscious mind. The more artistic and creative you are, the bigger these leaps are making connections between what is seen by you yet unseen by others. That’s why completely abstract art is often not creative – because there is no connection to reality. And the bigger these leaps, the less understandable logic there may be between the starting point and creative end point. That is why so much of art defies logic, and yet is a beauty that people associate with God or a connection to God, like some believe Mozart had. Because good art (and maybe all brilliant invention) makes sense to us as something from our subconscious mind. 


The truly creative genius takes such a big leap between what is seen and what is unseen that the common person wonders how he jumped that gap. Logically people cannot see it, but creativity is not about logic – they are actually opposites in a way. Creativity is about the ability to let go of logic so you can take those leaps and find new things not known with the conscious mind, but rather felt by the intangible. And when you feel that, you are feeling God, or a connection to the universe, or infinite intelligence, whichever you believe. That’s the feeling when you feel the spark of a creative idea. You know it’s a good idea in your gut because you feel it came from the ether. Maybe genius finds what we all subconsciously knew of, from a distance in the back of our minds, maybe something in a shared dream we all saw and forgot. But the genius is able to bring it back to the real world and show us. Then we check the math and realize it fits perfectly with the current situation. 


Perhaps that’s why Jews for thousands of years have taken the Sabbath day of rest, on which we do not think about our problems, challenges and pursuits. We let the conscious mind rest, subconscious mind take over, and find a whole new level of answers and solutions. Christians similarly take the Lord’s Day to rest, on Sunday. Maybe another way to express this is to say genius is the middle ground somewhere between the understandable part of the human mind and God. We do not know the limits of this, or whether there is even a line between where the subconscious ends and spirituality begins.


So, one way of looking at how the PeaceMatrix™ works on a metaphysical level is that it breaks the “Thought Barrier”, or the limitations of conscious analysis. The products produced in chain development may come not only from the analytical process, but from the infinite ether of divine intelligence due to the open-ended question development process. 


Metaphysics is difficult to define. Some call it the science of reality; space, time, and causation. Some say it is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of reality, or the connection of the mind to that reality. I’ve seen it defined as the science of using the mind to affect reality. Maybe it is the science of that most closely approaches God. Those chronicling Aristotle’s study of the physical sciences and those beyond it like philosophy, wisdom, theology and referred to those beyond as “Ta meta ta phusika” meaning after or beyond the physical. Aristotle looked at them as “being as such”, and “first causes”. This makes me think of the way things are, and causation beyond our contemporary understanding of physics and physical connections… maybe more important than our rational causal understandings. 


If you have ever heard Earl Nightingale’s recording, “The Strangest Secret”, or, the recent book and movie “The Secret” the 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, you’ve been exposed to metaphysics. In short, thoughts create reality. If you think in positive terms, you get positive results, and if you think in negative terms, you get negative results. Simply, thinking of being on time helps get you there on time, thinking of not being late helps get you there late. But is this because your mind affects your conscious actions, your mind affects your subconscious actions, or because your mind actually affects seemingly unaffectable cosmic events in the universe like that traffic jam you rationally have nothing to do with? Further, does your brain chemistry change due to the change in energy, and what are the external physical effects in the universe of that? This is the ultimate question of metaphysics – does our mind shape reality, and if so, how?


Everyone has heard of the value of vision boards, and of writing out your goals. These concepts work, and have apparently always worked as they reside in ancient scripture. So why wouldn’t these concepts work in peacebuilding? There is a feel connected to the power of attraction, the “pull”. It’s called faith in religious terms. It’s called chemistry in romantic terms. It’s called the golden touch in business terms. It’s that magnetism toward certain events even though you can’t physically explain what’s different. It’s that drawing of energy. You can take the same physical action with the right energy, or without, and it can mean all the difference in the world as far as outcomes. People who are successful have it, and it is in the mind, in the energy behind the act. When they act, they act from this place of energy, and feel the result they want coming to them metaphysically. Think about the “placebo effect.” It’s so powerful that medical researchers don’t compare the trial of a drug with not having used the drug, but the trial of the drug versus people whose minds believe a drug is working.


I presume you’re still with me, so let’s get deeper. We have plenty of sci-fi movies about telekinesis, where the movie character can move objects with his mind. And, we have the natural world and laws of physics in our day to day in which this is (thus far proven) impossible. In between, we have the example of a very focused and determined individual who can “make his own luck.” 


What is luck? Why do some people have a “golden touch”? “Everything they touch turns to gold.” Earl Nightingale. When asked what kind of generals he would like leading his armies, Napoleon is said to have replied, “lucky ones.” What is that “ace” – that special something? 


What is luck, if not a metaphysical phenomenon? There’s something in the mind or in the soul in that person that leads to more positive results in the intricacies of how events connect for that person. And this is so even though we don’t understand the physical causalities of those connections. We assume that it’s random, but maybe it’s not exactly random. Is there even such a thing as truly random? If you roll dice while thinking of a four, statistically that four is not any more likely to come up, true. But what about when you have that deep down hunch in the gut of your being, call it intuition, or whatever it is, telling you that it’s going be a four? What if that feeling strikes you with a certain strange knowing, barely cognizable yet so powerful you know it, and then it turns out to be a four. Did you cause that feeling? Did the future four cause that feeling in advance? Or did the feeling cause the four? Or what if it’s a combination or all of these? Or better yet, what if these distinctions are our man-made distinctions based on our man-made conceptualizations? What if these events are clues to the way time and space and matter and energy are connected in the universe and the mind that we only occasionally see glimpses of? Now we’re having fun. 


What if there are laws of science and the universe that we don’t understand, that while we can’t literally move an object with just thought, we can do everything short of that. What if we can bring about different event timelines with thought affecting chains of cosmic micro-events, eventually creating an alternate timeline? Carl Jung studied and wrote about the concept of synchronicity, which is non-causal connections – events connected by no known scientific cause other than intention – the human mind. Another way to say this is, “meaningful coincidences.” He wrote of a study where dice were rolled, and when the experiment subjects felt a confidence or certainty that a number 4 would be rolled, that it was more likely that a 4 was actually rolled! Many of us have at some point in our lives been thinking about somebody we haven’t talked to in years only to have them call us out of the blue, or to bump into them on the street minutes later. The New York State lottery on the anniversary of 9/11, drawn on September 11, 2002, was “9 1 1.” Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died only hours apart on the same day, the 50th anniversary of July 4, 1776, on July 4, 1826. Several people have won the lottery not once, but twice. One person reportedly won multiple million dollar wins with scratch off tickets four times. The question of metaphysics isn’t a black or white, yes or no, possible or impossible. The relevant question is, what are benefits of metaphysics properly applied?


Let’s connect desire with reality. People have always believed that prayers for rain, and belief and imagining that it will rain, somehow produce rain. And we see it everywhere in nature. I just saw recently that elephants are being born without tusks in an area where they are being killed for their tusks by poachers. Nature is smarter than people think. So, I may as well give humanity the chance to work with nature, instead of against it.


The area of metaphysics explored here is the causational connection between the human mind and the physical world. I am not a learned student of physics, but I understand quantum physics to have components where atomic particles are affected by human thought. For example, quantum experiments wherein, when a conscious mind observes sub-atomic particles, they behave differently. I feel like a monkey with a laptop fooling with a science we know little about, but that doesn’t mean because we don’t fully understand it that it doesn’t work and can’t work here. Humanity ate with utensils long before we understood germs. So, why not apply the right thinking and try it? 


The PeaceMatrix™ will actually be a working model of applied metaphysics. The PeaceMatrix™ diagram reduces over-emotionalized narrow perspectives, and brings us closer to a new type of reality. When we are angry at someone, we see only the things that make us angry at them, not everything they have done good and bad equally and logically. When we are focused on one viewpoint, we are not seeing reality, we are seeing our emotionalized and biased slice of reality. The PeaceMatrix™ diagram allows us to see all viewpoints simultaneously at whatever level of depth we choose, in other words, actual reality, perhaps for the first time in human history. Maybe, seeing questions is seeing a prospective reality, where the answers to the questions exist in the universe of possibilities.


Let’s take it one step further. There is a theory that species that see events accurately go extinct, and those that see an over-optimistic version of reality survive. Perhaps humans were metaphysical since man’s first cave drawings, not just drawing pictures of a deer because the prehistoric caveman likes art. Perhaps because that thinking and drawing and seeing and believing in the deer on the cave wall in the human mind actually helps manifest the deer, or at least guides the hunter subconsciously to it. I believe Dr. Donald Hoffman UC Irvine reportedly said, “the currency of reality is conscious experience.” So, with the PeaceMatrix™, what we are seeing with the multi-perspective approach is closer to reality, and beyond that, with the open-ended questions, we are also seeing the more constructive, positive, and optimistic version of reality needed to survive as a species. 




Now you see why it was important to explain the concepts behind the PeaceMatrix™ before I get into the cool graphics and what buttons you click on to make the thing light up.


In essence, channeling the thoughts of people through the constructive diagram of the PeaceMatrix™ is preferable for our survivability as a species than through the destructive emotions derived from typical media, political discourse, and life’s negative perspectives. It strategically takes us from the fear to the positive.


My theory, ultimately, is that the PeaceMatrix™ diagram’s presentation through human minds can create an energy field that produces, according to metaphysical phenomena, more positive outcomes. A cosmic vortex that attracts positive events.


In other words, the PeaceMatrix™ analysis process shapes realities. It recreates a new constructive reality using the collective mass-consciousness and mass-unconsciousness of its users.


For example: Take again the two people, both of whom want the same apple. They are in a zero-sum-game universe. It is mental and physical world of division, opposition, contention, and lacking. On the other hand, the PeaceMatrix™’s Solution Chains best highlight the positive nature I believe is inherent in much PeaceMatrix™ analysis. When the two people both want the apple, but instead share in the process of a mental exercise that explores (and thus creates) the ideal scenarios of abundance, they have changed the nature of the universe with that change in thinking. Atoms flow differently. Different “random” events occur, opportunities present themselves better, and human beings’ natural and unconscious reactions better utilize those opportunities. All of this is, in essence, utilizing the interconnected system of not-yet-perfectly-known forces between the mind and the physical world. 


The PeaceMatrix™ Starting Questions, and the process, and the Solution Chains, therefore, are metaphysical tools. Tools that can help us properly use metaphysical energy. Instead of negative metaphysical energy spreading frustration, resentment, and anger at the other side, often self-dooming… we can do the opposite. It is a completely different and positive energetic exercise to ask the question, “What are the necessary understandings for peace?and so on. 


The Starting Questions do this by calling upon up the collective unconscious and creating an energy field that draws in from all potential infinite universes of ideas, wisdom, and creativity. All the intangibles of the universe which we do not understand are contained within that open-ended question toward peace. All our combined intuition. Einstein said the only real valuable thing is intuition. And because it is designed to be used by the masses, it multiplies that energy by the search of all the people engaged in that constructive exercise. Like a strategically-directed mass prayer for greater wisdom.


Carl Jung also believed that synchronicity was a product of the collective unconscious mind, stating, “The problem of synchronicity has puzzled me for a long time, veer since the middle twenties, when I was investigating the phenomena of the collective unconscious, and kept on coming across connections which I could not explain as chance groupings or “runs.” What I found were “coincidences” that were connected so meaningfully that their “chance” concurrence would represent a degree of improbability that would have to be expressed by an astronomical figure.” 


Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.


The open-ended, constructively-phrased PeaceMatrix™ diagram questions create a space, a cosmic vacuum by their existence in the minds of its users – a vortex for the solutions to flow into like an energy field for attracting positive phenomena utilizing the collective unconscious. It is as much an unconscious cosmic channeling of infinite possibilities, as a conscious analytical process to narrow the questions down the chain logically. Then the fruits of both are developed simultaneously, both the science we do not understand, and the science we do. Jordan Peterson said something similar in his essay, Peacemaking Among Higher Order Primates, when he said, “When the facts that give rise to peace announce themselves to the man whose aim is peace, he can then point the way. Desiring peace, he sees new facts, and is filled with enthusiasm for those facts.


Other than religion and spirituality, I believe the PeaceMatrix™ to be among the most advanced, organized, large-scale, theoretical application of applied thought-reality causal metaphysics in man’s history. It’s actually about time we applied metaphysics to peacebuilding.


Perhaps I made metaphysics mechanical.


So, we use the diagramming and organization of questions with mass communication and involvement, and applied metaphysics, in structured Chains.


Directing multitudes of people to the aims of continually developed levels of constructive questions may be what saves civilization.