Metaphysics, finally!


Metaphysics, finally!

(An excerpt of Volume I)

The PeaceMatrix™ is designed to keep the right questions in the forefronts of our minds, so the backs of our minds, our subconscious, our collective unconscious even, can also go to work on answering them. Times. Seven. Billion. 


If you haven’t noticed by now, my writing is challenging due partly to my repetition and dyslexia. My dyslexia is largely something I call conceptual dyslexia, mixing concepts more so than letters in the word. Instead of going logically from A to B to C to D to E, often I naturally come up with creative ideas randomly, D, F, C, or even straight backwards E, D, C, B, A. I believe this is how it appears when ideas and material come from the creative ether, the nebulous infinite intelligence referred to by author Napoleon Hill from where creativity comes, are brought to our reality through the subconscious mind. I’ll sometimes find myself at an end point, Z, arrived at on a spark of creativity, look around, and try to figure out how I got there. Does it have any rational connection to my starting point? If yes, I work backwards to show others how they may get there from A, B, and C… 


The PeaceMatrix™ was likewise developed backwards. Continue reading “Metaphysics, finally!”

Categorizing the elements of a dispute

(An excerpt of Volume I)

Categorizing the elements of a dispute

The next thing you need to understand about the PeaceMatrix™, is that while our problems are infinite because the human experience is infinite, we can organize the essence of the elements that cause conflicts, and then improve that refinement process infinitely.

A fundamental theory behind the PeaceMatrix™ is that human conflicts’ elements are not infinite and infinitely diverse, but categorizable. Within these categories of human dispute elements, are hidden the DNA of the dispute. In other words, a dispute with infinite problems and places to look for solutions is turned into a much more narrowed and fixed set of questions; questions and understandings about differing definitions, who a party is, the morals of one’s own party, the cultures involved, differing wants, limited resources, varying political interests, and communications challenges.

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What’s so good about a diagram?

(An excerpt of Volume I)

What’s so good about a diagram?

We all have some weaknesses we need to turn into strengths, like our level of organization perhaps. When I bring such a weakness into my conscious mind scope and focus on it, I can become incredibly organized, almost hyper-organized. Let’s call it “comfortable overshooting my mark.” And then I guess we’ll call this entire project, Exhibit A.

What makes the PeaceMatrix™ special is the back-end organization of how content and discussion forums and videos and 24/7 video conference rooms will be organized and presented. The PeaceMatrix™ is the set of rules for organizing and mapping out any complex dispute between viewpoints held by groups. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” Maybe this is what he meant.

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The trail of mistakes to nuclear war

The Trail of Mistakes to Nuclear War

by Daniel Ben Abraham


With Putin desperate to weaken American support for Ukraine, he decided to form the closest military alliance with Iran the two nations have ever had. China’s Xi thoughtlessly followed suit, believing anything that harms the U.S. is in his interest. Both these global strategic mistakes will make their partner Iran nearly sanction-proof in advancing its weapons capabilities.

Putin made the mistake of invading Ukraine, not realizing NATO would unite to oppose him. Biden made the mistake of unintentionally showing Putin a green light, taking no military action for months while Putin amassed 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. Biden not calling Putin throughout the length of the war was a mistake, as was having Boris Johnson reject Russia’s peace offer just weeks into the war. Taking advantage of NATO’s risky opportunity to try to weaken Russia was also a mistake. It’s a mistake for Europe to continue buying energy from and selling equipment to Russia, but it’s also probably a mistake for the U.S. to supply most of what Ukraine needs without conditions from Europe, such as at least not working against us. Of course, with policies that cause oil prices to rise, funding both sides of this war is also a mistake. Continue reading “The trail of mistakes to nuclear war”

The Metaphysics of Anti-Semitism

The Metaphysics of Anti-Semitism

by Daniel Ben Abraham


It is the duty of every Jew to make the world a dwelling place for God, and be a light unto the nations. And that’s true whether the other nations want that light or not.

Every generation, and no matter how many times we say “never again”, a plague called anti-Semitism causes peoples to rise to destroy us. What we do about anti-Semitism goes to the heart of who we are as Jews. If we know who we are, we know what we must do.

I had a dream once, that everyone in the world loved the Jewish people, and there was peace on earth. They didn’t just accept us, they loved us. And there wasn’t peace despite us, but because of us. Once such a beautiful dream is born, we’re halfway there.

The most Jewish response to anti-Semitism, is to take even the ugliest of humanity, and make something beautiful from it. But first, we must understand it. And perhaps by understanding it, all of humanity can understand itself better. Maybe that’s the path to peace, not only with Israel, but worldwide. Let’s see. Continue reading “The Metaphysics of Anti-Semitism”

Humanity is in its infancy in understanding war, and its about time we grow up

Humanity is in its infancy in understanding war, and it’s about time we grow up

Humanity’s wars do not happen for the claimed excuses. If they did, we would be able to prevent them. Every causal reason given for every conflict by every expert during, and by historian after, is tangential, if not incorrect. Wars also don’t happen for land nor money nor resources, nor over race nor religion. Despite that many Arabs want to destroy Israel because it is Jewish; these are all still workable challenges. We don’t understand why wars happen at all, and we need to.

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The End of Moral Equivalence With Israel

The End of Moral Equivalence With Israel

by Daniel Ben Abraham, 10.10.2023 (updated since)

The End of Moral Equivalence With Israel

by Daniel Ben Abraham

As the count of murdered families, women, and children grows to over 1400 Jewish souls lost, with over 220 more still being held hostage, much of the world stunningly supports the Palestinians, or appeals to “both sides.” But the question of whether there is moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians is simple to answer for any human being. The rest of the conflict is not much harder.

Some say one man’s “terrorist” is another man’s “freedom fighter”, but the American colonists during the Revolutionary War never sent soldiers back to great Britain to kill the families of the British Redcoats fighting in America. Continue reading “The End of Moral Equivalence With Israel”

Entitativity analysis: Palestinian relocation

Entitativity analysis: Palestinian relocation

By Daniel Ben Abraham

A conference of Israeli Ministers and Parliamentarians in Jerusalem on January 28th 2024 examined the idea of voluntary relocation of Palestinians. In attendance were 15 members of Knesset and 11 Parliament members, including National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, Bezazel Smotrich, and over a thousand others, discussing related ideas.

But to gain increased global support, the world must understand why a relocation option may be not only advantageous, but a necessary component of even the most liberal approach to the peace process. As I discussed in my article on my Three-Option Plan, Israel is only keeping Palestinians out of Israel; but it is the rest of the world’s mindless policy of not accepting Palestinian refugees that is keeping them in an “open-air prison.” Not only is allowing Palestinians who want to leave the freedom to do so not genocide, but it may be the prevention of genocide.    

First understanding

Humanity misunderstands the true causes of our wars, all wars, and that’s why armed conflicts occur despite all of man’s knowledge and wisdom. Wars are not really about land or resources or even religion. Rather, I believe there is a secret key for unlocking all war amongst mankind, which I call PeaceMatrix™ Entitativity theory.

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Mechanic’s update on deletion of users, spam, and pricing and service changes

Dear Users,

Regretfully there has been a significant amount of spam on the site. As such, a number of precautionary measures have been taken. If you are a good-faith user and any of this has adversely affected you, I apologize.

1. A number of users who have signed up until now have been deleted.

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3. I may try charging all users as a safety precaution.


Is the PeaceMatrix™ part of the intellectual dark web?

If your definition of “intellectual dark web” is independent people who are objective thinkers, seekers of knowledge and genuine understanding through reason and analysis, and see truth as a fundamental value, then yes.  I am not currently affiliated with any member of the intellectual dark web.

A separate question is whether you can have both the search for truth and diplomacy together.  That is one question the PeaceMatrix™ may ultimately present.  Is politics like sausage, that it is best kept unseen from the people, who are best let to live their own lives?  I don’t know, but I wonder if our current system is imperfect, and I wonder if people can be objective and search for truth.  I wonder if people can work through their frustrations, learn to see all sides, not be reliant on politicians, and whether a culture of objective diplomacy can grow in this world towards peace.

That may be one of the ultimate questions for the PeaceMatrix™ system as it develops.

U.S. Election – Who is right?

I’m increasingly believing that who is correct is elusive, and the first step to getting there is seeing all sides.  Is Trump right to ask for recounts and audits, and challenge votes that may not be legal?