The PeaceMatrix™ Project Timeline  (projected)

August 2019 – PeaceMatrix™ initial test launch

October 2020 – Website and concept still in initial development, use testing begins

December 2020 – Expected launch

2022 – Technical difficulties

2023 – Writing draft of second volume of PeaceMatrix™ book

2024 – Buzz begins to spread as people wonder what this is

2024 – People begin to notice discussions, podcasts, and videos

2024 – Social media attention begins to grow, number of videoconferences grow

2024 – Conceptual and technological development enters next phase

2025 – Increasing numbers of people take notice and offer assistance

2025 – Increasing development in technology, application, and utility

2026 – Increasing popular support grows among people interested in politics and various discussions and debates

2027 – Increasingly problem-solvers, bloggers, podcasters take increasing interest in discussions and debates

2027 – Global attention to dozens of active PeaceMatrixes™ grows depth and utility

2027  – Students increasingly use The PeaceMatrix™ for issue learning, and skill-building in discussion, mediation, negotiation, and debate

2028 – Experts, authors, journalists, politicians, people interested in diplomacy and negotiating and peace building increasingly use and rely on PeaceMatrixes™ for their respective negotiations and other peace building work

2029 – Many new PeaceMatrixes™ are now launched and active for world problems with increasing engagement.

2030 – PeaceMatrixes™ result in greater constructive communication globally and improved political processes around the globe

2031 – PeaceMatrixes™ begin having a material affect on the understandings held by peoples with challenges formerly left to politicians

2033 – People begin launching new independent projects to better mankind all over the world based on PeaceMatrix™ cooperation and developments

2034 – Continuing developments in the way leaders and groups approach and cooperate on solving complex problems

2035 – Diplomacy, peace building, and bridge-building become cool (Yay!)

2036 – PeaceMatrix™ is credited for increasing education, diplomatic, cooperative, peace building, and social improvements and developments all over the world

2038 – Additional plans for development and implementation of PeaceMatrixes™ realized

2040 – PeaceMatrixes™ are implementing solutions to potential and actual global conflicts globally all simultaneously

2044 – PeaceMatrixes™ now seen as effective at foresting, avoiding, and solving global conflicts, used by schools, peoples, and leaders everywhere.

2045 – The Mechanic awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for outstanding contribution to humanity and world peace. (Please nominate me for consideration!  Thank you!)

2050 – Next generation of young people globally has grown up and been educated utilizing the benefits of the PeaceMatrix™

2054 – World considers itself to have achieved world peace, able to focus humanity’s efforts on constructive improvements for the benefit of mankind

Any questions?