PeaceMatrix™ Middle East Peace

PeaceMatrix™ Middle East Peace ACTIVE

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Leading outstanding questions:

What is the long-term solution of anyone who wants a cease fire?

Why isn’t there a communication system for the Palestinians to figure out what they want and improve their own political process?

What is the position of the Islamic world on Qur’an verses that give the “Promised Land” to the “Children of Israel”? (Qur’an 5:20-21, and 17:104)

What if October 7th was a distraction so Iran can get the bomb, cause a war, dominate the region, and take control of Mecca and Medina?

What are the world’s positions on the New State Solution peace plan?

Why don’t Egypt, Jordan and other Arab states accept Palestinian refugees?

Why doesn’t the world discuss the possibilities of helping Palestinians by paying Egypt, Jordan, and other states to accept Palestinian refugees who want to leave Gaza?

Why doesn’t the world demand Egypt and Jordan accept Palestinian refugees?

What if Israel helps Egypt increase its fresh water and arable land by digging another “Qatarra” canal in exchange for taking in Palestinians?

Why not allow Palestinians who want to leave to relocate until the conflict is over?

What percentage of Palestinians would leave if they could?

Unlisted question:

How and why do “Palestinians”, who are Arab and Muslim, want a state named after the Greek Phillistines, who were neither Arab nor Muslim?