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‘Canadian Truckers Rule’: Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson Endorse ‘Freedom Convoy’

Dem Senator Says Breyer’s Replacement Should Not Make Decisions Just Based On The Law

Biden Slammed After He ‘Commits To Racial And Sex Discrimination’ In Choosing Supreme Court Justice

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Loudoun Student Confronts Principal Over Mask Mandate: ‘Why Are You Segregating Us?’

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A selection of Twitter feeds from the Left

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Small Council members may suggest sources

With the expected retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, one name keeps rising to the top of the list of potential replacements: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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Pres. Biden will visit New York City next week to discuss combating gun crime with Mayor Eric Adams during a meeting that will follow the recent fatal shooting of two city police officers.

SENATE CONFIRMATION VOTE: @RachelVScott is on Capitol Hill with what it will take for President Biden to pass a Supreme Court nominee through the Senate.

For journalists covering the Beijing Winter Olympics, China's strict pandemic measures are creating a surreal and somewhat frustrating experience.

A new bill in California would allow children to get vaccinated against diseases including COVID-19 without their parents' consent.

France has a new law that bans so-called conversion therapies and authorizes jail time and fines for practitioners who use the scientifically discredited practice to attempt to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQ people.

While the pain came rushing back, so did her spirit to fight, and she's seeking a new law to try to prevent others from being victimized.

An updating estimate of the generic congressional ballot, based on polls that ask people which party they would support in an election.

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