About Submitting Content

Submitting Content

We greatly value the assistance and contribution of people seeking to help reach the goals of this project.  Please review and understand all the information provided regarding content and submissions.

Please note that the PeaceMatrix™ is currently in development and adjustments and changes are being made constantly in the system and its processes.


If you have any monthly Membership (Basic, Inner Circle, or Small Council), you may (if operational) be able to post comments in our PeaceMatrix™ Development Forums, and exchange ideas with other Members.  The forums are a great place to seek out facts, exchange sources, authorities, and examine, toss around, and develop ideas with others who are interested in that particular detail of the issue.  Please make sure that you use the correct forum.   Please note that while ideas may be picked up from here and added to the PeaceMatrix™ by the Architect, these discussions do not necessarily constitute submissions that will be reviewed.

As a Member, you may submit potential content to be part of our forum.  Please understand that posting comments in our forums, and submitting potential content to be part of a PeaceMatrix™ are two different things.

Current Rules for Submitting Content to a PeaceMatrix™

Please feel free to make any suggestions and ask questions here, however, for suggested changes and improvements in PeaceMatrix™ development and other content, we have to unfortunately charge a review fee,  as unfortunately we do not have the resources to review every idea and suggestion people may send.  The fee also ensures ideas are well thought out, and separates those who may send vague and unhelpful suggestions.  The PeaceMatrix™ has full discretion regarding all aspects of the website, this system, its content, use and implementation.

Each membership has a different administrative fee for to review any submitted content, and there is no guarantee of its use.  Think of it as supporting this system.  Material is edited and added to the PeaceMatrix™ per our full and sole discretion.   We wish we could review all the suggestions we receive and wish we could accept unlimited free submissions and ideas, but we only have a limited amount of time and resources.

Submissions to a PeaceMatrix™ may contain questions, hypothesis, changes, fact-checks, sources, summaries, elements, vulnerabilities, ideas, and solutions to any subject matter, process, or the PeaceMatrix™ system itself.

It may be suggestions for a new PeaceMatrix™ topic, or new videoconference topic, or new Twitter feeds to include, or any other aspect of our services.

Content processed may take approximately seven (7) days to appear in a PeaceMatrix™.

Before submitting any content or suggestions, you must review the entire PeaceMatrix™ you are submitting content for.

You must read and thoroughly understand the PeaceMatrix™ process for the development of Starting Questions described here.  Try to find the best question to further the proper guided break-down process of the Starting Question.  The goal of each submission should be to improve the PeaceMatrix™ and the system.

You must be sure your content or suggestions do not appear anywhere else in the PeaceMatrix™ you are submitting to.

You must understand all the relevant content in the PeaceMatrix™ so you understand how your content will fit.

You must identify the BEST location for your suggested change or content in the PeaceMatrix™.

Some of the best submissions will be to move, relocate, or reorganize a coordinate or chain of coordinates, or a suggestion that a coordinate cite to another.

You must be concise and to the point in your submission.  Regrettably, we do not have the time and resources to review massive amounts of material for a single post, even paid, or try to understand incomplete, vague, confusing, or lengthy material.

We strongly recommend that you take time to write out your submission beforehand, and all of the content the PeaceMatrix™ submission form requires, including which PeaceMatrix™, the URL, which coordinates your submission applies to, etc, and check and double check your submission beforehand for clarity and usefulness.

All submissions must be in the English language.

It must be legal for you to submit content wherever you are located, as well as in the United States.

You must start your submission by first identifying exactly which PeaceMatrix™ you are submitting to, and the coordinates your submission pertains to: Example:

“Submission: Middle East Peace – Section A.1.a.1.1.1”

Your submission’s first sentence must state whether your suggestion is:

-a new coordinate and from which coordinate it derives
-new content for an existing coordinate
-a change of content in an existing coordinate
-moving of a coordinate
-an authority or source pertaining to existing content, or otherwise

and must also state exactly what that change is.  For example:

“New coordinate from B.1.a.1. as B.1.a.1.1 with the following content:”

Then, you must state the full content as you would like it to appear, in quotes.  For example:

“Why is this party a party?”

As another example:

“New coordinate from F.1.a.1. as F.1.a.1.1 with the following question:”

“Why does this ….”

Your submission content is limited to 100 words, but the actual content in a PeaceMatrix™ is always as brief as possible, as must any suggested content be.  Please think carefully about how to sum up your proposed content in as few words as possible and how to explain your suggestion all in 100 words or less.

The first sentence of your proposal must be a topic sentence which states or describes the proposed change completely and concisely.  If you are stating a specific language change, you must state it concisely.  It is recommended that you then provide an explanation of why you are suggesting this change.

You must fact check any content you submit.  We may or may not fact check your submission.

You must make sure any sources or links you submit or suggest are correct, legitimate, legal, and safe.

Any failure to follow any of these rules may result in your suggestion or content not being considered.

After you have read, understand, agree, click below to be bought to our payment page to choose a membership level submit potential content ideas for review. 

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After you have registered to become a Member, you will have access to our PeaceMatrix™ Development Forums of each active PeaceMatrix™

If you would like to submit an idea or content suggestion to be considered to be part of an actual PeaceMatrix™, you must become an Inner Circle  Member or Small Council member first.

The site and system are currently not working, so if you would like to try submitting content to help test the system, click here: