Active Peace Matrixes™

Currently over 20 live videoconference discussion topics to join 24/7 from anywhere in the world!  

PeaceMatrix™ 24/7 video discussions are open to all Inner Circle and Small Council Members built into each PeaceMatrix™ page.  Videoconference topics are within each PeaceMatrix™ organized by topic, and in the Schedule of Discussions.

List of active and planned PeaceMatrixes™

  1. PeaceMatrix™ Left versus Right in American politics Active
  2. PeaceMatrix™ Middle East Peace between Israel and the Arabs Active
  3. PeaceMatrix™ Europe and Migration Active
  4. PeaceMatrix™ American Second Amendment vs. gun control
  5. PeaceMatrix™ Peace with North Korea Active
  6. PeaceMatrix™ South Africa
  7. PeaceMatrix™ Solving Venezuela’s economic crisis
  8. PeaceMatrix™ Solving Syria’s Civil War
  9. PeaceMatrix™ Solving the Rohingya conflict: Myanmar and Bangladesh
  10. PeaceMatrix™ Russia, China, and the United States
  11. PeaceMatrix™ Stopping Anti-Semitism in the world Active
  12. PeaceMatrix™ Peace between Islam and Western Civilization
  13. PeaceMatrix™ Peace between different branches in Islam
  14. PeaceMatrix™ Iran and the United States Active
  15. PeaceMatrix™ Peace Between the World’s Major Religions
  16. PeaceMatrix™ Ending Racism Globally
  17. PeaceMatrix™ Race Relations in the U.S. Active
  18. PeaceMatrix™ Global Environmental Health Active
  19. PeaceMatrix™ Ending the Conflict in Afghanistan
  20. PeaceMatrix™ Non-violent solutions to Terrorism
  21. PeaceMatrix™ Global Overpopulation
  22. PeaceMatrix™ Donald Trump – How can a nation so disagree? Active
  23. PeaceMatrix™ Solving World Hunger
  24. PeaceMatrix™ The Role of the United States in the World
  25. PeaceMatrix™ The United Nations Active
  26. PeaceMatrix™ China and Hong Kong
  27. PeaceMatrix™ The European Union
  28. PeaceMatrix™ South Sudan Active
  29. PeaceMatrix™ Yemen Active
  30. PeaceMatrix™ Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon and Israel
  31. PeaceMatrix™ China and Tibet Active
  32. PeaceMatrix™ Armenia and Azerbaijan Active
  33. PeaceMatrix™ British Politics Active
  34. PeaceMatrix™ India and Pakistan Active
  35. PeaceMatrix™ Israeli Politics Active
  36. PeaceMatrix™ Global Freedom of Speech Active
  37. Peacematrix™ China and Taiwan
  38. Peacematrix™ Russia and Ukraine
  39. Peacematrix™ Somali Civil War in Somalia and Kenya
  40. Peacematrix™ Iraq
  41. Peacematrix™ Mexico
  42. Peacematrix™ Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Artsakh and Azerbaijan
  43. Peacematrix™ Ituri Conflict in Congo
  44. Peacematrix™ Kivu Conflict in Congo
  45. Peacematrix™ Insurgency in the Maghreb in Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Lybia, Mali, Niger, Tunisia
  46. Peacematrix™ Boko Haram Insurgency, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad
  47. Peacematrix™ Tigray in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan
  48. Peacematrix™ Ethiopia
  49. Peacematrix™ Lybia